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What Rental Property Management Companies Las Vegas Will Do for You

Just since you have landed on this blog post means you have likely seen how many results popped up when you searched for rental property management companies Las Vegas. The reason there are so many of us is because the majority of rental property owners have discovered just how valuable a good Las Vegas property manager really is.

Trying to manage your own rental property is a hassle to say the least, and most owners will quickly find that the monthly property management fee is well worth it. If you haven’t tried to manage your own rental property yourself, you probably haven’t been woken up at 2am to go and fix a toilet or broken furnace.

For those property owners that are on the fence about whether they should give managing their properties themselves a go, this article will detail exactly what duties the property manager will have, as well as how they will perform them to maximize your investment.

Adheres to All of The Landlord/Tenant Laws and Regulations

The Nevada laws that apply to the relationship between a landlord and tenant can be confusing and difficult to adhere to perfectly. Both tenants and landlords have certain duties set forth by law they must perform in good faith. Failure to adhere to these laws is one of the quickest ways for a good investment to turn into a legal nightmare full of court appearances and lawyer fees.

An experienced property manager will know and understand all of these laws and regulations so these headaches will be avoided. In fact, most rental property management companies in Las Vegas worth their salt will be experts in these laws so they will be followed strictly while managing your property.

Collects Rent

Another important duty that rental property management companies Las Vegas will cover is ensuring that your investment is making you money. This means that they will collect the rent from your tenants in a timely manner every month.

If you have ever tried to manage a rental property yourself, you may think that this task will be easy. We can assure you, however, that the process of collecting rent is anything but. Even the best of tenants will fall into hard times and struggle to pay their rent. This is just a sad fact of our current economy. As a rent collector you will have to stand firm in the face of all of the hardships your tenants are facing, and if they don’t or cannot pay you will have to start the eviction process.

Regular Property Maintenance and Upkeep

Hiring a good property manager will not only take the headache of collecting rent off your shoulders but also stop those 2am calls from tenants about a leaking toilet or other issues. Las Vegas property managers will make sure that your property will always be in top notch shape. They will conduct walkthroughs and inspect the rental for any issues that need repair. This will ensure that none of the small issues can turn into huge expensive problems.

Experienced property management companies will also have a list of contractors and handymen who they have used many times before and that they trust to do a good job. This list is important because hiring someone to fix a problem, only to have the problem get worse for the money spent, is one of the quickest away to start losing money on your investment.

Tenant Screening

Finding good, responsible tenants that will pay their rent on time is an invaluable task that a property manager will do. Quickly finding a good tenant after a move out will make sure that your property doesn’t sit empty for long. Your property manager will do extensive interviews with prospective tenants as well as conduct background checks and rental history checks to ensure that your tenants will pay their rent on time and protect your property. This tenant screening process can be costly and time consuming, but will be streamlined and efficient on the hands of a good property manager.

Dealing With Rental Agreement Defaults and Evictions

Ensuring that your tenants are following the rental agreement to the letter can sometimes be a full-time job. If your rental does not allow pets, your property manager will have to make sure that the tenants haven’t adopted any restricted pets during their walkthroughs, and you can bet they will try to hide the animals.

There are many other ways that a tenant can break or default on a rental agreement, and a property manager will handle all these issues, while hopefully retaining the tenant in the process. If the breach in the rental agreement is such that there is no coming back, or the tenant has not paid rent, an eviction must take place.

Evictions are often time consuming and costly legal processes. In Nevada, you must formally serve the tenant with a 7 day notice to pay or quit. Contrary to popular belief, this is not an eviction notice. This initial notice gives the tenant a 7-day timeframe that allows them to pay their rent owed before you can legally serve an eviction notice.


The above duties are only a few of the daily tasks that rental property management companies Las Vegas will do for you. There are many other smaller duties such as marketing your property after a move out and creating rental agreements for the specific property, or properties that they will manage.

But we are sure that you can now see why you will need a good Las Vegas property manager for your rental property. Here at The Rental Lister, we have been managing Las Vegas properties for over 20 years and are the best in the business. If you are looking for help, take a look at our Guarantees. You will be able to see that trying our service is risk free, and that we are sure you will be happy with what we provide for you and your investment.

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