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Tips on Finding the Best Property Manager in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nevada has quickly become one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the western United States. In fact, a recent study by 24/7 wall Street shows that the Las Vegas population has increased nearly 20% from 2010 to 2020.

            With the influx of people, more housing is built and more business open or move into the area. While this is good for the local economy, it can make it sometimes difficult to sort through all of the listings on Google when searching for a particular good or service. For instance, if you were to search for a property manager in Las Vegas, you would be met with over 63,700,000 results.

            Surely that doesn’t mean that there are 63 million property managers in Vegas, but there are 63 million pages on Google that mention property management in Las Vegas. If you were to just look at the business profiles that appear in that search, you will have 6 pages of listings to sort through.

            Sure, you can just pick one and give them a call, or you can go through the Google reviews trying to find the one with the best rating, but that isn’t the most effective way to find a reputable Las Vegas property manager.  While having good reviews can be a good indication of a good business, even the best business owners are bound to get a bad review from time to time. Also, you will find that many of the businesses have all five star reviews.

            Tip 1. Talk to Friends and Family

            Reading reviews online is a fine way of trying to find the best property manager in Las Vegas. However, you never really know if those reviews are legit, or are just the friends of the business leaving fake reviews to try to get their stars up. Also, in the world of business you will never be able to please everyone. Customers tend of have unrealistic expectations at times, and when those expectations are not fulfilled, they take to the internet to leave bad reviews that don’t necessarily reflect reality.

            In marketing, word of mouth is still the very best advertising. This is true even in this day and age where the internet and are the marketing standards. If you talk to someone that you trust, and they tell you that they have had only positive experiences with a particular Las Vegas property management company, then chances are you have found your company.

            Tip 2. Research Potential Management Companies

            If you talk to any friends or family that have used any potential companies, or have compiled a list of companies from the internet, the next tip we have for you is to look those companies up on either the Better Business Bureau, or Nevada’s Real Estate Commission. Both of these agencies will have information of the particular company, and you will be able to see their rating, and read any BBB reports or sanctions that may have been imposed on that company in the past.

            Tip 3. Questions to Ask During Initial Meeting

            After you have compiled your list of potential property managers in Las Vegas, its time to sit down with all of them for an initial meeting. This may seem like quite a chore; however, trusting just anyone with your valuable property would be a terrible idea, and finding the very best is important.

            Some important questions that you should ask during this first meeting are as follows:

  • What kind of advertising does the property manager do to list vacant homes? Do they advertise on TV, the internet, or do they have billboards and other offline advertising?
  • Do they put any kinds of signage up in front of the vacant house?
  • What kind of properties does the manager specialize in, if any? And does your home fall into that category?
  • How many overall vacancies does the property manager have? If the majority of their properties are vacant, it may take longer to find a tenant for yours.


Tip 4. Talk Contract and Lease Agreements with The Property Manager

            After you have nailed down what you believe will be the best Las Vegas property manager for your needs, you will need to talk contract and lease agreements. First and foremost, you will need to find out who your main contact is in the company and get their information.

Many local management companies will take their fees out of the rent collected on your behalf, so it is important to understand what those monthly fees are, and how they will be collected each month.

            Be sure to find out just how the process of cancelling the contract will be played out if you are not satisfied with their services. Talk about just how long the cancellation process will take and what it entails.

            Ask the property manager how they handle maintenance and repairs on your property. Many experienced property managers will have relationships with all kinds of contractors and handymen that will be able to immediately respond to tenant complaints. Having any damages repaired in a timely manner is vital to keeping good tenants in your property.

            After all of this has been discussed, it’s important that you review the lease agreement that the potential property manager will have the tenant sign. You will need to know what kind of security deposit will be paid, and where those funds will be stored. Look at how late fees for rent will be handled, and who will be getting those fees.


            We hope that you have found our list of tips on finding a good property manager in Las Vegas. Here at The Rental Lister, we have been helping Las Vegas Residents list, and find homes for rent for over 20 years.

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