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Are the Best Rated Property Management Companies Las Vegas Really the Best?

Word of mouth has always been the very best way to find quality goods and services. Even with the emergence of the internet, having someone close to you, that you trust, tell you that that Widgets R Us, is by the far the best place to go to buy your widgets, will by far trump any ad or billboard you may see. The reason for this is that word of mouth is and will likely always be the best way to find quality goods and services.

The reason word of mouth is so effective is because it provides what is called “social proof” to a business or brand.  Social proof is a term coined by a fellow named Robert Cialdini in 1984. Also called informational social influence, social proof is the concept that its in human nature to copy the actions of others in an attempt to reproduce certain positive results.

Outside of word of mouth, one of the most modern instances of social proof is online reviews. When someone, for instance, searches for best rated property management companies Las Vegas, the company that has the most five-star reviews will likely get a call. The reason for this is those good reviews act as social proof that a particular property management company is going a really good job.

However, you have to ask yourself if these online reviews are really the best way to find a good Las Vegas property manager. Just anyone can leave a review and just how many of these “good reviews” are the friends and family of the owner of the company, and how many are actually satisfied clients.  In this post we will examine just how much you should trust online reviews and how to spot the fake ones.

Real and Fake Online Reviews

The one major moderator of online reviews is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They report that roughly 31% of the reviews on the major online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy are suspected fakes. This figure is high enough to seriously skew any of these overall ratings.

The FTC recommends that you do not just take the overall rating of a company’s reviews to heart. Some tips recommended by the FTC is to look to see if there is a “burst” of reviews posted within a short time frame. If this is the case, then you can suspect that some of those reviews may be fake.

Another way to verify the company you are looking into really one of the best rated property management companies Las Vegas, is to look to see if the reviewers have left any other reviews for other companies. You can normally click on the reviewer’s name and Google will show you other reviews that that person has left in the past.

Fake Bad Reviews

Another important factor that you must consider is just how real are any bad reviews that you will find. We have all heard of the “Karen” factor that has emerged recently. Us as humans have a terrible problem with having unreasonable expectations. People will then flock to the internet to leave terrible reviews when those ridiculous expectations are not met by a company.

Another common cause of fake bad reviews is generated by competitors. This shady practice is more common than one would think as well. The competitors of a company will either hire people to leave these fake reviews or even create fake, empty Google profiles, and leave the reviews themselves. There are even computer programs out there that use bots to this effect. The idea behind this is of all these companies’ competitors are getting “review bombed,” then they will end up getting all the business.

How to Really Find the Best Rated Property Management Companies Las Vegas

With all of this new information provided in todays blog post, here at The Rental Lister LV, we are sure you are probably thinking we are just trying to convince you that all of our bad reviews are fake and that we are the best rated property management companies Las Vegas.

Well as of the writing of this post we enjoy a perfect five-star rating on Google out of 31 reviews. These good reviews have been earned through hard work and honest property management. We have been managing properties here in Las Vegas for over 20 years and have been relying on the honest words of our current and past clients to tell our story online since then. In order for you to really find out if we are in fact the best, is to give us a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed.